Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nutrients through the Islamic Perspective

Did you know about nutrients of FOOD??

ohh!!! of course you know right???but..

You know nutrition of FOOD from Perspective Islamic??

So,let me share with you all ok..


-freshwater fish is better particularly supplements and
not other object in the water.

-raw fish can produce toxins in the body balance


- various type and are dry
- can be eaten with a small quantity as not good for
for digestion.

Hadith said " that those eating nuts,it triggered sympathetic
heart,the eyes will be able to remove the water and arrogance

-made from wheat and very good to eat because easy to digest.
-let it cold eat because can make you feel thirsty when you eat

The Prophet s.a.w said " dont cut the bread with knife.

please it your hands because ALLAH s.a.w


- a lot of nutritional value and can relieve pain in the body.
- to facilitate the menstrual cycle.

Cumin Powder
- can be used to strenghten the eyes sweep around the eyes.


-remove the air in the body
-warming the body
-digestive problem

Word of ALLAH s.w.t " when there are in heaven,will be given
a drink mixed with ginger ".

Honey Bee

- the main sources of the food,drink and medicine
- honey bee is come thousand benefit for all
- can releave from diarrhoe and scar medicine and so on.

Rasulullah s.a.w said " practise honey with a glass of water every morning when the stomach is empty".


- nutrition because can be a body coolant

- the Prophet s.a.w had give barley soup to people who are sick .

credit to: REMAJA/july2010 magazines

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